A New Mattress Opens Door for Design

If this weekend had a title, it would have been called Furniturepalooza.  We had things going into and out of our house like Grand Central station.  My neighbors probably thought we were moving.  Well, at least the ones that don’t know us too well.  The others? Par for the course I suppose.

It all started with a crummy mattress.  Of course, I couldn’t just get a new one.  Oh no…I had to get a smaller one (you know, one that would fit the scale of our room better) and that would entail getting a new bed entirely… and well… if you give a mouse a cookie…you’ll know how the rest of this goes.  Next thing you know, the entire room is empty and here I am at square one, and I couldn’t be more excited.You see, I love a challenge.  We’re talking the kind of challenge like how you furnish a room with a next-to-nothing budget kind of challenge.  Well my friends… I’m totally up for it.

After scouring the internet and polling the audience on Instagram, I got a bunch of fantastic mattress recommendations (which I’ll include below in case you’re in the market like I was).   We also checked out consumer reports and that’s when we landed on a mattress retailer called Nest bedding.  We chose one from their memory foam collection and my fingers are crossed that it’s everything we’ve dreamed of (pun intended).  What we did like was that we have 100 days to decide whether or not that’s the case.   And, if it’s not, we can exchange for a bigger size or different kind at not cost.  Not bad right?  Especially considering you’re choosing the bed where you’ll sleep for the foreseeable future… or at least the next 10 years anyway.  You know, no pressure at all.

Now it’s onto furnishing the place…I’ve got a few things up my sleeve that I’ve been wanting to try out,  so stay tuned for some updates and DIYs as they unfold.  As for me?  I’ll be hitting the drawing (or should I say, design) boards.

Thanks for stopping in!  Check out some more recommended mattresses/mattress sources – (but please keep in mind I’ve not tried them out myself). Click to view site:

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