Getting Cozy at the Tiny House & My experience with Peel and Stick wallpaper

Each time we visit the tiny house, we take another step towards making it feel like home away from home.  Last weekend I tried my hand at something new (and a little *scary*) to me: Peel and Stick wallpaper.  In the beginning, I was totally intimidated.  I recruited the mister to help me with the first piece.  Any fear I had?  Out the window.  Much to my surprise, this product is super easy to work with!  Only hiccup was that I came up short and needed to order a second roll (and kind of want to order a whole bunch more to do the rest of the room!).  Here’s where we left  off:














I also got a coat of primer on the back wall and I’m already liking how its making the added room look less like it was added and more like it was original to the house. Here’s the before and after:


Getting cozier right? I’m really loving the texture the peel and stick is giving back there.  I’m including a roundup of some other peel and stick options that I’m loving just in case you’ve been inspired to give this a go.  (double click the image to check these out!)


And the one I used for this project can be found here:


If you happen to give this a try, be sure and tag me or send me an email so I can feature you!  As always, thank you for stopping by!



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