A New Favorite Accessory – Aprons

Yesterday on Instagram I talked about my new love for aprons.  A mom to three little ones and an obsessive DIYer…I’ve always got my hands into something well,  messy.  Instead of using a billion (no exaggeration here) paper towels and ruining my clothes (let’s face it, who has time to change into “painting clothes”) I’ve opted to toss on a nearby apron. Perfect for a smear of this and that,  pockets for my phone, tissues, paintbrushes… yes, I’m thinking they need to become more of a leading roll in my attire these days. Of course practicality doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style, so? I scoured the internet and have a roundup of some of my favorites here to share with you. (And if you want to snag one of these, or two? Just click the image… enjoy!)





And oh, the vintage ones?  So charming…

So many to choose from!  If you happen to share my love of aprons… snap a pic of yourself in it, tag me in the photo if its on Instagram.. or send me an email.  I’d love to see them and capture it all here on the blog.  Thanks so much for stopping in today, have a fantastic weekend!











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