Christmas Décor in the Family Room

Thank you for joining me yesterday as we toured our vintage-inspired kitchen!  Welcome back.  Today we’re going to take a quick stroll through the Christmas Decor in our family TV room.  Let’s go, shall we?




christmasfamilyroom11     christmasfamilyroom5

After decorating our tree (a few posts back)  I added just a few elements to give this room a whole new look.  A pair of sheet pillow covers over my larger throw pillows on our sofa add a  punch of color.  A scarf, or a plaid shirt can even add an unexpected pop if you don’t have Christmas colored pillows or covers.  When conveniently placed over the arm of a chair or couch It’ll do just the trick.   Another favorite (and easy) way to add a bit of Christmas is with fresh greenery.  We have a few evergreen trees in our yard, but if you don’t happen to have any, Lowe’s or Home Depot are happy to give you left over tree trimmings for free!  Yep… just ask.  Next I added some winterberries to the fresh greenery (these were from my mom but you can find them on the side of the road this time of year – just keep an eye out.  It sort of becomes a fun thing to hunt for.  Just be careful if you do pull over!) And this year for a little twist I added cotton stems and arranged them all in my new-to-me vintage tool box. White lights add an unexpected sparkle to the bottom of our glass chest, while the top holds a tiny faux tree we’ve had for years.  A pre-lit garland balanced things out on our Staircase Bannister.  I also put a few carolers on the sofa table for a whimsy twist.  If you have a holiday magazine, place it in plain view and it’s now working as part of your décor.  Lastly the stockings the kiddos grandmother knit with love grace our mantle.  There you have it!  :-). Have a fantastic weekend Friends!

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