Design Services

Back To Blueberry Hill Design Services include:

On-site Consultation   

A visit to your home where we can discuss design ideas and formulate a design plan based on your own goals and budget for a given space (or spaces).

1st visit: FREE
Additional visit: $50

Customized Design Board ($100) – A virtual option

  • Based on your specified budget, I will create a custom design board for your space. Each product selected will be linked to its source for streamlined purchase. This feature can include paint selections, drapery, furniture, furniture placement, and décor items.


Paint consultation ($50)

Not sure where to start? Choosing the right paint colors and schemes can be overwhelming.  I’m happy to meet with you in your home, and provide you with a color or entire scheme that best fits your home.


Sound like something you’d like to try?  Here’s my contact info:

I hope to hear from you soon!


11 thoughts on “Design Services

  1. Hi Katie! I just stumbled upon your latest post via Facebook, went to your blog and am blown away! I think it’s wonderful that you are pouring love into it through DIY transformations. I have so many fond memories at your home with you girls, and just wanted to let you know how much this made me smile 🙂 I hope you are as great as you seem from your writing! Please say hi to your family for me. Take good care, xo Sarah

  2. Hey!! Love your antler pillow you made! Especially the white lumbar shaped one. Do you happen to make those as well or just the one size listed. Just curious! Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Rebekah,

      Thank you so much! I am at this time only making/selling the brown one that is listed. I can make a custom brown pillow with white antlers if you’d like.
      Thanks for checking in!
      Kindest Regards,

      1. Would love it if you could! Just let me know how to purchase and how much and I’ll take one of your don’t mind!

        1. Hi Rebekah,

          Sure thing. You can order/pay right through my website and I’ll pick it out once Its received on my end. You can also add to the special instructions in PayPal that it’s for the brown pillow, white antlers. Just to confirm, its 1 pillow case, brown with white antlers… correct?
          Thank you,

    1. Hi Rebekah,
      Sorry the white one is not available. The brown one with the dark brown antlers is available for sale. I could do a custom order on a brown pillow with white antlers.
      Kind Regards,

  3. hmmmm it is so cute and I can do those colors. But I need it to be rectangular shape and not square. And from what I gathered right now you are just doing square? Thank you for your time and answering all my questions!

  4. My sister recommended your blog and I love it! Just wondering if you could share the paint type/color you used on your bottom, kitchen cabinets.
    Thanks so much!

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