Macramé Plant hangers

I absolutely love finding good deals, and better yet-sharing them with you!  This week I found these fantastic Macrame planters (a pair!) on Amazon for $8.99. I don’t know if I can emphasize enough how important plants (real preferably, but faux are good too!) are in the world of décor.  I know I know… I’m speaking like a true crazy plant lady now… but in all seriousness they instantly bring life and movement to your space. Try it – I challenge you!

So this week I had to pick up a few things at Lowe’s and of course…HAD to stroll through the plant aisle.  Instantly my eye was caught on a curly twirly plant (also known as “String of bananas”) that I just couldn’t leave behind.  Once I read the tag I thought I’d remembered it being one recommended by the lovely Joanna Gaines herself!  I also picked up a creeping fig (from the Exotic Angel plants collection) for two reasons: 1. It had the sweetest leaves and 2. It was just over 3 bucks.  Can’t lose right?  I snagged a few terra cotta planters and was merrily on my way…

The planters arrived promptly in the promised 2 day time frame and this crazy plant lady is so excited to add them to the tiny house family!

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