Tiny House Update: Decorating has begun

Now that most of the painting is complete in the living area… it’s finally time for the magic to start happening. With a whimsical twist on window treatments, we’ve brought texture and interest in with a few birch tree logs doubling as curtain rods:


We added a mirror from one of my craigslist binges to make the room feel larger and brighter:

And made this peak really pop with some fun cedar shingles:

For a fun pop of color, my oldest bean helped me turn the end of the kitchen island into a chalkboard for messages and grocery lists.

Since the staircase is center-stage when you walk into this space, we decided to give it lots of character with numbers and an engineered print of the kiddos (our first visit to the tiny house!). I’m also thrilled with how the DIY railing made from piping materials has anchored the space and is extremely helpful when our little kiddos climb up and down the deep stairs:

Lastly, a few pictures of our sweet babes, some greenery, and the mister’s flag pallet are really making this place feel like home away from home:Thank you for following along with us on our tiny house journey thus far…. Next up?  A plan for the tiny bathroom and “master” bedroom.  Have a great day friends!



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