Progress at the Tiny House

Last time we were at the tiny house, I remembered to snap a quick pic before we unpacked.  I’ve learned that once we do, the place quickly becomes a disaster area full of projects, toys, food, whathaveyou and I’ll spare you of the chaos.  So – here’s what it looked like when we walked in the door:

I’d primed the walls, painted the window casings, and got a little staging done on the DIY sofa.  Over the next few days we were able to paint the walls in the downstairs, paint the cabinets, paint the stair railing, install a threshold and poly the downstairs floor.  I even managed to plant the window boxes.  Its finally starting to feel like “us” there…






And I already can’t wait to get back up to take it another step further.  If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you’ve gotten a sneak peek at a few things that are in the works, including a railing made from pipe materials, and a whimsical twist on window treatments.  Stay tuned friends… lots more to come.






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