Reclaimed Wood Staircase Update at the Tiny House

We were able to eek out some time at the tiny house and get a little more work done over the weekend.  With every intention of finishing the floor… we had to pivot and work on the staircase instead.  And I’m ok with it.  To be completely honest it was nice working on something different for a change… and probably more interesting for you guys as well.  So? Not all was lost.  Remember where we started?

Then we removed all of the carpeting…

Now, what to replace it with?  If you’re getting to know me, you’ll probably not be surprised that I was looking to repurpose something we already had for this little project. And then it hit me.  On one of my Craigslist binges I’d picked up an old IKEA TV stand… and used it for quite a few months by our front door to hold décor/other miscellaneous items from around the house.   I’d painted the sides of it with chalk paint but left the top wood which had a sort of a faux butcher block look.  Bingo.

A few minutes with the drill and a crow bar (love when DIY can be therapeutic too!) and I was in business.  The mister helped me cut the boards to size, then I sanded each piece down to the raw wood.  I have to say, I’m pretty excited with the results:

Next, I decided to paint the rise on the stairs with Cracked Pepper by Olympic paint at Lowes:

I’ll be adding a touch more character on these cuties but all in all, we’re feeling like we’re getting somewhere.

Thanks for popping in!  We’ll be building our sofa this week so stay tuned for some fun stories on Instagram to come!




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