A sofa for the tiny house

In my previous post, I shared a funky, fun blue sofa that I’d centered my tiny house design board around.  Sadly, I’d put the board together mid-winter, and the sofa has since gone unavailable.  Sniff.  Back to the ‘ole drawing boards it was.  Perhaps though, for good reason.

Somehow along the way I’d forgotten what we’d actually be using the tiny house for…a place to relax, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors.  Hmmm, all of a sudden a funky velvety couch didn’t seem so practical after all.  Instead… something more cozy… and even waterproof came to light.  Since we’re working with a space that’s really really small… tiny even… it’s very difficult to find a piece that A. can accommodate a family of 5 and B. is durable enough to be able to flop down on…even if you’re still in your wet bathing suit.  After coming up empty handed with the options available online…we remembered the fantastic Ana White.  If you’re new to her – she’s an amazingly talented Alaskan mom who shares her love of building things through her free carpentry plans (yes free!) on her blog.  We chose this model to try and recreate:

We’ll be altering her plans a bit to accurately fit the needs of our tiny space.  I also decided on these pillows and  these cushions from target because they are made for the outdoors… and check the wet bathing suit resistance box (they’re 30% off now too!)

Here’s hoping it all comes together like I have it pictured in my mind.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a fantastic night friends.




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