“Birch Bluff” Airstone Now available at Lowes!

Last summer you might remember our fireplace makeover….

We’d teamed up with Lowe’s and Airstone to test out their newest color – (which at the time, was unnamed) and boy were we excited with the results. Since it was still in production stages, it wasn’t available for purchase… until now.  So, if your looking for a user and budget-friendly update for your own fireplace, this is a fantastic option.  Click here for our step by step tutorial on just how.  The color is called, “Birch Bluff” and can be purchased a most local Lowe’s stores or online here.

…And if you’d like to check out the press release, where Back to Blueberry Hill is featured, click here!

Happy DIYing!







4 thoughts on ““Birch Bluff” Airstone Now available at Lowes!

  1. I think it is beautiful. Which area do you live in? There is no availability of the product in VA or NC?

    1. Oh no! I’m in MA. I’ll check with my contact at Airstone and see if we can get it to you… Are you in VA or NC?


  2. Hi, I would love to purchase this product but I can’t find it anywhere whether online or in store. I need 18 sq. feet. Can you ship
    some to me in MN? Or possibly direct me to a site where I can purchase it?
    Thank you! Marcy

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