A New Adventure in a Tiny house

Is it springtime yet?  I’m ready to come out of hibernation.  Though I haven’t blogged in a bit, I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes over here putting things together for a little something, actually a tiny something new… Situated in a quaint bay of a lake in New Hampshire, is the newest addition to our Blueberry Hill family:

What’s most exciting for us is, it’s a place where we can reconnect as a family, relax and soak up all the luxuries mother nature lends us.  As kids, summers were spent lakeside (Oceanside if we’re talking about the mister), enjoying the simple life where cell phones, tablets, laptops and the like didn’t exist.  Cards, board games, bikes, and fun walks to the candy store were all the agenda held and it was great.  It was old-fashioned fun in the purest form and I can’t wait to have our kids enjoy it in the very same way.

But before we give our cell phones a heave-ho this summer, We’d love for you to come along with us as we make this little gem our own. So, if DIYs, demo, paint, and makeovers are your thing… you’re in the right place.  Stay tuned-in here and on Instagram @backtoblueberryhill as we catalog our #tinyhouse adventure.

As always, thanks for popping by and for all of your continued love and support.


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