Christmas tree in the In-law

This year, we decided to go big. We trudged our way all the way to the very back of the lot to find the biggest tree out there.  By luck, it juuuust barely eeked into the room.  Practically 40 strings of lights, and 1000 dropped ornaments later (not to worry, I bought all plastic ones years ago when we first became parents), the kids were in awe… and quite honestly, so was I.  There really is something so magical about colored lights – they just bring out the kid in me.

img_6771-2 img_6808 cavetree6 cavetree5 cavetree4 cavetree3 cavetree2

I brought in the old red trunk I recently picked up (for free!) to add a whimsical pop of red in an otherwise empty space behind the tree.  A few cozy throw blankets and a cup of hot cocoa finished off the look and I think this is my favorite tree, yet.

Have a great day friends! Thanks for stopping by.  OH – and just a quick update… I’m giving the front door a new coat…(yes again!).  Sharing all the details this week!


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