Christmas Kitchen & Dining Room

All was quiet and relatively clean this afternoon while my little ones napped so I thought I’d share a few pics of our kitchen and dining area all decked out for Christmas…


See that American Flag up there?  The Mr. made it for me last year and has been giving me heck for not blogging about it… It is really awesome so here’s another shot… just for you babe:


As a little early Christmas present to myself I bought that adorable clock from Antique Farmhouse (one of my favorite places to find adorable farmhouse wares for relatively good prices! This baby was just $15)

Antiquefarmhouseclock blueberryhillkitchen blueberryhillkitchen2

It’s just resting on top of my cup rack for now… but I kind of like it here…

Christmasfarmhousekitchen farmtableandtree



And my sweet mother-in-law brought to my attention that I hadn’t shared the view of the farmhouse table in its new spot yet… so… this is for you Deb!

farmhousekitchenchristmasviewchrristmaskitchenview2 Christmaskitchenblueberryhill fullviewofchristmaskitchen  newshelvesandclock

I wish you and your families all the best this Christmas. Thank you for joining me on my adventures in decorating this year! Merry Christmas… enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Christmas Kitchen & Dining Room

  1. Thanks sweets, for the beautiful pictures! I love how you have extended the flow of your kitchen and now have an additional sitting room. Merry Christmas my love…xo

  2. Hi Kate,
    Love the wooden flag, he did a great job!!
    Love how you have moved things around, looks amazing!
    Have never heard of antiquefarmhouse before…off to look at their site now, could be dangerous! 😉 Especially if everything is as nice as that clock!!
    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve!
    Wishing you the Happiest of 2016’s!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

    1. Thank you so much Kimberley! Happy 2016 to you! I’m just getting back into things over here… so excited to share some new things. Did you have a good break? XO thank you so much for your sweet comments. I’m so glad you like the flag :-). We moved the table back into the dining room where the tree used to be…I am glad we have a few places to put it but it really opens things up in the kitchen when it is in the dining room ;-).

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