A Jolly Green Front Door

Just when I thought I wasn’t going to do it again…I did.  You guessed it…I changed our front door color, making this probably the 100th time this year.  (yes, just this year! :-)). It’s such a simple, easy and inexpensive way to add a dash of charm that I just can’t help myself.  This time?  We’re going green!  “John-Deere […]

Christmas tree in the In-law

This year, we decided to go big. We trudged our way all the way to the very back of the lot to find the biggest tree out there.  By luck, it juuuust barely eeked into the room.  Practically 40 strings of lights, and 1000 dropped ornaments later (not to worry, I bought all plastic ones years ago when we first […]

Christmas in the Kitchen

There’s just something about red, at Christmas.  Mix it with fresh greenery and you have the perfect recipe for some good old fashioned, nostalgic Christmas décor –  Exactly the feeling I’m going for in our kitchen this year. I chose to use a pair of woven-checked placemats on top of our sink skirt for a fun, vintage […]