Spring in the Kitchen

Springtime on Blueberry Hill is almost magical.  Out my kitchen window, what once was a view of empty trees and broken limbs, quickly becomes a sea of green leaves.  The PJMs and rhododendrons bloom a gorgeous shade of magenta and the sweet smell of lilacs fill the air through my whistling screened window.  Yes, There’s something special […]

Window buckets and a Birthday Party

The perfect excuse to get things done is to have a party.  This past weekend we celebrated little man’s 4th birthday, so that meant time to get the house and gardening in ship shape for company! The weather finally cooperated for us so I could plant some flowers in our window buckets without having to worry […]

Real Life and A Boxer Puppy

Hi Guys! Oh boy, I can’t believe it’s been close to a month without checking in.  My apologies.  Things have been, well, a little busy around here.  Let’s catch up shall we? First up, the baby chicks. Not so baby any more…. they are fully feathered and loving their new coop.  The kiddos have been […]