Natural Stain Experiment Day 2

All is quiet over on Blueberry hill while the littlest beans nap; a perfect time to try out natural stain experiment #2.  As I was pouring the white vinegar (this time) over a plain steel wool pad, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the tulips doing their best to catch every last ray of sun.   And.. since […]

Natural Wood Stain: Part 1

I decided I’d try out a “natural stain” recipe and see how well it worked on the new Shiplap in little man’s room.  So, while at the grocery store I grabbed a small bottle of apple cider vinegar and some steel wool pads.  When I got home, I poured the whole bottle of vinegar into a mason jar and plunked in the steel […]

Shiplap in Little Man’s Room

If I can convince the Mr. that my crazy ideas decorating can actually save us money, it’s a win in my book.  So, when I told him that hanging the real deal, tongue and grove wood Shiplap could help insulate our son’s room (which tends to be the coldest room in our upstairs) keep it warmer… and ultimately save us some $$ on heat…he was right […]

Farmhouse Sink

The farm sink is in!  Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas/Happy Valentines Day/Happy Mother’s day… (and any other holiday for the rest of my life ;-)) …to me! I love this sink so much I could kiss it on the lips….. … that’s love. And for a small ray of sunshine on this rainy day… …thought I’d share some fresh tulips […]

A New Year, and a New Sign

Happy New Year! Welcome back 😉 I hope you had a fantastic holiday with family and friends. My very first project of 2016? A “new” sign.  Decorating the mantle after hanging the TV above it has been, well, challenging.  So, I decided that since the Christmas “believe” sign fit just right – I’d just repaint it.  :-). Yep, a coat of white paint […]