Functional Decor

In our busy family of 5, a command center is a must. So, when we updated the kitchen I decided to paint one side of the floor to ceiling cabinets with chalkboard paint. Then, I used a chalkboard marker and measured out a calendar grid. And recently, I stumbled upon this fantastic galvanized metal file holder: Which now holds chalk, towels, paintbrushes, pencils, paperwork and […]

Master Bedroom Update

We have a wedding this weekend so I’ve been a busy little bee trying to spruce up the house for a few guests. A perfect opportunity to give our master bedroom a little and much needed attention. Here’s a quick pic of our room when we first moved in.  I like to call it the […]

Fall for Plaid

Want to add some warmth to your décor without buying new throw pillows and blankets?  Great!  Same here. A fellow blogger, Lucy, over at Craftberry Bush gave me a great little tip: Use a scarf.  Genius right!? Check your closets, I bet you already have one of these in there just waiting for a new home.  […]

House of Cards

My Grammy was always thinking of me.  Any time she’d visit, she’d bring something and say, “oh Kate, do I have something for you….” followed by her sweet chuckle and squinting eyes; truly tickled to find another treasure from her beloved senior center.  This time it was a framed picture, that well, just wasn’t exactly my […]

Dollar Store Decor

Innocently enough, I packed the troops into the car and headed to the dollar store to return a few unused foamboards this morning.  Much to my surprise, they only take exchanges… ah shucks. ;-).  The kids and I had a ball!  We had to hunt for 16 items ladies and gentlemen.  Ohhh happy day.  Hyped […]