Shiplap in the Guest Room

The guest bedroom in our house has a fireplace and cathedral ceilings: And all I could think about when we bought this place was adding Shiplap above the fireplace.  A fairly simple project that I convinced the Mr. to help me do, right before Christmas because really, why wouldn’t I choose the busiest time of year to tackle […]

A Container for Cotton

I have a thing for containers.  And, the more unusual and pretty the container, the better.   So I was psyched when my mom thought to put this little gem aside for me: Since I wasn’t in love with the green paint, I sanded it down and re-stained it. Then I gave it a coat of Chelsea Grey paint by Benjamin Moore, and […]

Rack ’em up

Not too long ago, I fell in love with this cup rack from DecorSteals (and if you’re new to them – you must stop what you’re doing and sign right up at for daily emails with deals on fabulous farmhouse décor): But, I just didn’t have the space for it (40″ tall was just […]

Stepping Up

If you’ve been following along on Instagram – you’ve already seen a sneak peek of today’s DIY. This little stepstool caught my eye right away. I liked the aged patina and paint splatters.  Part of me wanted to keep her as-is.  But she was dusty and splintering in some areas, so I sanded her down.  Then […]

“Chairs” for the Farmhouse Table

The thing about having a big table is, you’ve gotta figure out seating too.  I remembered the old Merck boxes I’d snagged from the recent basement haul and the wheels started turning. There just happened to be 6. I flipped them over and voila…a stool!  How perfect.  I cruised the internet for some chair pads and found that Walmart sells a 4 pack for $19. […]