“Rock Me Mamma”

Well, I’ve learned two things.  First, don’t spray paint in sandals.  Second, don’t spray paint in the wind.  I managed to kill two birds with one stone today, fake a sunburn and spray paint chairs.  Fabulous.  At least the chairs are looking pretty good :-).  Here’s another shot of them before in case you’re just tuning […]

A Diamond in the Rough

Grammy will be smiling down from Heaven when she sees this one. The other day while in her basement, hidden along the back wall, behind a piece of plywood and blanketed with dust, I uncovered a real treasure.  At first, it didn’t look like much… just a long piece of wood with folded, hinged legs.  Then, […]

The Breezeway: Part 2

Remember how I mentioned this room is the dumping zone?  To keep things organized, we designated this next part of the room as a place to plunk down and take off / put on shoes.  I’d seen gorgeous hall trees and benches all styled to perfection on pinterest so, naturally I started brainstorming on how we could re-create the same […]

The Breezeway: Part 1

I have had so much fun updating my childhood home this far and making this place truly feel like our own.  This next makeover is of our entryway which has already worn a few hats.  We call it the breezeway and it’s the most common used entry in our house.  Inevitably, it becomes the dumping zone.  We’re talking shoes everywhere, coats, […]