Macramé Plant hangers

I absolutely love finding good deals, and better yet-sharing them with you!  This week I found these fantastic Macrame planters (a pair!) on Amazon for $8.99. I don’t know if I can emphasize enough how important plants (real preferably, but faux are good too!) are in the world of décor.  I know I know… I’m speaking […]

Round 3 #DIYwithBlueberryHill

Ahhh, it’s Wednesday… and not just any Wednesday mind you. It’s the first day of summer, and school vacation for my kiddos… It’s here, it’s FINALLY here.  It’s that special time of year that we all wait so anxiously for.  Now let the fun begin eh?  What better a way to kick things off than […]

Round 2 #DIYwithBlueberryHill

Ready for week 2 of #DIYwithBlueberryHill? In case you missed it last week, this is a new series I’ve started on Instagram featuring DIY projects from all of you!  It’s a great way to get inspired, meet, and get to know so many talented people out there.  It’s amazing what can be done when you put your mind and […]

A sofa for the tiny house

In my previous post, I shared a funky, fun blue sofa that I’d centered my tiny house design board around.  Sadly, I’d put the board together mid-winter, and the sofa has since gone unavailable.  Sniff.  Back to the ‘ole drawing boards it was.  Perhaps though, for good reason. Somehow along the way I’d forgotten what […]