Sprucing up our Front Entry

I’d been mulling around this idea of bringing a little color to our front entryway:


(please excuse the dark Instagram stories screen shot –  I forgot to take a good before pic with my camera). Plain, simple… just sort of, ho-hum.  So what’s a blogger to do?  Off to the paint cabinet I went.  I tested a few options out on the door before painting and finally decided on Sherwin Williams Slate Tile:


Yes, we’re getting there – and now for a little style.  A few weeks ago I’d picked up a storage bench that conveniently fit perfectly in the space to the left of the door:


I gave it a good sanding, brought the seat all the way down to the raw wood, and then stained it.  The rest of the piece got a few coats of satin black spray paint.  Then I shopped the house and brought in a large clock I DIYed a few years ago, some mums, a few throw pillows a scarf and….


Yes, a little color was just what the doctor ordered:

frontentryafter2  frontentryafter4   frontentryafter7

Thanks for popping in today! I hope this little makeover has inspired you to bring a little color into your life!

Vintage Peacock Chair

A few weeks ago, I was driving home from picking up my daughter at school and spotted a vintage peacock fan back chair by the side of the road.  I can only imagine what I looked like as I tried squeezing this square peg into the round-hole car I was driving that day… Finally with my son’s approval, “now that’s what I call hard work” I hopped into the packed car with my ‘safe’ configuration and travelled home.   I’m sure my once thrifty-roadside-rescuer-Grammy was smiling down on me during this scene. ;-).

I gave the entire piece a thorough wash down outside, threw out the old cushion and replaced it with a faux fur pillow I purchased on Amazon.


And since we had rain today, I had a little fun with some outdoor lights and a photo shoot.





peacockchair2 peacockchair3

I think she’s looking quite pretty in front of the light walls in our home.

peacockchair11  peacockchair13

Have you a fun roadside rescue to share?  Send me a note in the comments section… I’d love to hear all about it.  Let’s chat!




TV Stand to Laundry Cart

Yesterday I shared how I transformed an old TV stand into a rolling kitchen cart.  As soon as I finished styling it with kitchen items, I was dreaming of it being useful in the laundry room.  Luckily it’s on wheels so transitioning room to room is simple.  So? Off to the laundry room it went.


It now serves as storage for laundry baskets, buckets and soap.  I’m also using it as a folding station. And bonus, it’s easily moved out of the way with a simple roll to the other side of the room.




Perhaps, I need to find myself another TV stand. ;-). Happy Friday!


TV stand Turned Rolling Kitchen Cart

So if you’ve been tuning in for the past few weeks, you’ve been my partner in crime on a furniture-remake adventure –  and thank you so much for your support!  This week? An old TV stand gets a new life:


What instantly caught my eye was that it was *mostly* made of solid wood.  This is a favorite because it opens the door to so many new possibilities. You can sand it down to leave raw, stain or paint… the hardest part, I find, is deciding which direction to choose.


Typically, I start sanding one section at a time.  This way I can decide if I need to go all the way down to the raw wood, or just rough it up for paint.  And sometimes, I choose to do both on a single piece to give it a whole bunch of unexpected character.


This time, I also chose to add caster wheels to make it mobile… why I don’t put wheels on more pieces in my home is beyond me.  It opens the door to so many more uses… not to mention making moving around a cinch!



I decided to whitewash the raw top, and leave a band of dark stain to give it some depth, then painted the base with Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams.


The inside got a few coats of white paint and a cut piece of Pre-primed plywood for shelving.



rollingcart7 rollingcart8  rollingcart10  rollingcart12 rollingcart13

I hung a metal basket to hold dish towels, utensils, or even flowers:


Now if only I could decide if this should stay in the kitchen, or help me out with some storage in the Laundry…stay tuned tomorrow for a whole new use downstairs :-). Thanks for stopping in!



Adding Character to an old Curio Cabinet

As soon as I laid eyes on this piece, I knew it was meant to be.


Oh, the potential.  Its large size and glass door had me at first sight.  Not to mention it came with lock and key.

You see,  I’ve been longing for a pantry, with a gorgeous old door donning a charming word or two indicating it as such.  Sigh… we just don’t have a pantry, or space for one for that matter.  But then, this old piece:


Yes, this could work.

I’d originally thought I’d paint it,  but quickly fell in love with its funky patina.  Instead,  I sanded it down and added a dark stain (Provincial by Minwax) to its existing pickled finish.  The Mr. cut a piece of bead board to fit the back for a punch of texture and  I coated the entire inside with crisp white paint.

I then teamed up with Jenna from New York Vinyl (www.newyorkvinyl.com) to design the perfect hint of vintage charm and before I knew it, this old piece was given a new life:



And it’s quickly stealing my heart in our home:










Thanks so much for tuning in today!  Happy Weekend!













A Pew Makeover

A few weeks ago I found this little pew:


And, as soon as I could,  I got out my sander…


But where to go from here?  There were so many possibilities.  I decided to stain it first:


Pretty, but a little dark and splotchy for my taste.  I broke out some white paint and gave it two coats.  Then, as soon as the back side was finished, it hit me:  wouldn’t this be the perfect place for a charming little quote?  I chose an excerpt from Proverbs 24:3 “By Wisdom A House Is Built.  Through Knowledge Its Rooms Are Filled With Rare And Beautiful Treasures.”  Then, with a stencil and brush, I added a little surprise and a whole lot of character to this once, tired old bench:



…cozied things up with a few pieces I had around the house:

benchafterstyle benchafterstyle2

benchafterstyle4 benchafterstyle5  backtoblueberryhillpew

And we now have a fun place to sit and sip cozy drinks this fall season:


Thank you for stopping in!  Have a fantastic weekend.







Progress in a finished basement

A few months ago, our sweet friends asked for some help in designing their soon-to-be finished basement:

basementbefore6 basementbefore5 basementbefore4 basementbefore3  basementbefore

Basements, typically dark with few windows, made a light and bright pallet an easy choice.  We decided on Benjamin Moore’s Intense white for the walls paired with high hung, bright white board and batten (installed by the homeowner himself!).  They also had wanted to incorporate a barn door in their home,  and decided the perfect place was to cover the large storage area in here:


So, Mr. Blueberry Hill made these beauties, and I absolutely love the character they bring to this space.

afterbasement2 afterbasement3 afterbasement4 afterbasement5


(As I was taking these photos, I had to keep reminding myself that I was in a basement. Mission accomplished in the “light and bright” department I think!)

afterbasement7 afterbasement8 afterbasement9 afterbasement10

We are so excited about how this is turning out, and couldn’t be happier for them.  Now just a few pieces to decorate and it’ll be a wrap in here!
Thanks so much for stopping in today!






Updating a Dry sink

Hi all! Thanks for joining me on my furniture updating kick.  My newest subject? A dry sink:


I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve always been drawn to their quirky look and seemingly oxymoronic name.  These were typically used in places where washing was needed but where plumbing did not exist.  A pitcher and a water basin would be placed up on top for washing, and cabinets below lend space for washtowels and shaving accessories.   Nowadays, these have become more rare and perhaps, this is why I’m so drawn to them.

(*if you’ve been following along on Instagram stories, you might already have seen this guy and the progress its made. @backtoblueberryhill on IG)

Once I got mine home, I sanded the entire piece top to bottom.  I removed the doors and all the hardware for painting and decided to jigsaw the middle of the doors out.  I added chicken wire (which had been antiqued with a combo of black and copper spray paint)  to the now open holes to give them a little more character. I sprayed the hardware and knobs in the same fashion to keep the look consistent.  Next I distressed the entire piece and chose to go with the popular choice on Instagram and leave the top roughly sanded.  Lastly I sealed the entire piece with Minwax paste finishing wax.






And little styling with some fall décor I had on hand and….

drysink5 drysink4 drysink3 drysink2

What do you think?



Thanks for popping by today! Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

Source List:

Paint – Benjamin Moore Rockport grey
Moscow Mule Mugs: Walmart
Basket – Crate and Barrel
Cotton Stems – Michaels
Roped Wire Basket-Marshalls



Coffee table and end table makeover

I guess I had coffee tables on the brain after I made one over for my friend (more on that here), because I found another great candidate begging to be brought back to life that I just couldn’t pass up:

orangecoffeetables orangecoffeetables2

So as soon as I could, I unscrewed the tops and got out my sander.


Then purchased a few bottles of satin black spray paint to give the gold bottoms a sleek black suit:


Next I whitewashed the newly sanded tops (a technique I like to do to take the yellow out of the wood) and sealed everything off with Minwax paste finishing wax:


I went back and forth on what to do with the wicker baskets… and finally decided to put a greywash on them to soften the whole look. Ready to see the end product?


I am digging the industrial, rustic vibe they bring to our living room.

coffeetableset7  coffeetableset4

coffeetableset3 coffeetableset2

And one side by side for kicks:


Thank you so much for stopping in today! I hope you have a fantastic weekend XO




Making Benches for the Dining Room and JORD Wood Waches

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by JORD Wood Watches.  All opinions are 100% my own.

I’m very excited to be teaming up with JORD Wood Watches for this post!  The Mr. even got to benefit from this one, so it’s a win win in my book.  They create these amazing hand-crafted, unique wood timepieces and pride themselves on their watches telling “more than just time.”  So JORD, here’s our story:   We are wood working machines over here on Blueberry Hill… and this little gem matches our lifestyle just perfectly:




(side note:  “hand model” is now being added to his resume ;-))

The Mr. is the handyman around here.  I just come up with all the crazy ideas.  Lucky for me, he likes building things and woodworking so it works out well.   This time? No different.  For weeks I’d been mulling around this horrible idea to sell our beautiful upholstered dining room chairs.  Gasp. I know… truth be told, I lost sleep over it.  But, when it came down to it, I hardly let the kids breathe near them much less sit on one so it was time for them to go.  I replaced the ‘head’ and ‘foot’ of the table with Ikea Wicker ones I’d had my eye on.  But whaaaat about the other 6 seats? Queue the Mr.   He sized up the situation and knew he could make some stools for much less than we could buy 6 new chairs for.  And that, my friends, was music to this DIYer’s ears.  It was then that he came up with the fantastic idea to replicate a stool we’d found in my grammy’s basement last year.  It was one my grandfather had made many years ago from scraps of wood and found signs. He was a highway worker by day, and a woodworker by night. I like to think I get some of my craftiness from him. 😉


A few hours, some sawing and a drill hole or two later and voila:


We decided to mix things up a bit and make three smaller benches for one side, and one long one for the other.  I stained, then painted them and used a sander to distress.  A coat of wax finished these babies off and I couldn’t be more excited about the results.  Ready to see?





newbenches24 newbenches22  newbenches20 newbenches19

newbenches17  newbenches15 newbenches14  newbenches10  newbenches12 newbenches13 newbenches8  newbenches6 newbenches5 newbenches4 newbenches1 newbenches1A newbenches2 newbenches3

Bring on the spaghetti dinners this year… I can wipe these babies down after a good meal and no one would be the wiser.  Thanks for stopping in today and before you go – hop over to Jord Wood Watches   For your chance to win a $75 e-voucher.  All (yes, everyone is a winner here) who enter win a $20 e-gift card (excluding the grand prize winner).  The contest is until 8/28/16 so hop over there and claim your prize today! (Offer expires 10/31 for grand prize and 12/31 for $20 prizes).

Luxury Wood Watch